• Micro/Macro Vickers, Knoop & Brinell

  • Product Code: EW-4000
  • Manufacturer: Bowers
  • Original: UK
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Price: 00 vnđ

High-end Vickers/Knoop/Brinell hardness testers with low and
high force ranging from HV0.02 to HV50. The EW-4000 series
features state of the art Closed Loop, Load Cell, and Force
feedback technology for a reliable fast measurement procedure
Modular design fits to almost any budget.
• Superior test control
• Superior accuracy
• Superior gauge repeatability and reproducibility
• Superior flexibility

• Manual X-Y stage
• Motorised X-Y stage (optional)
• Motorised X-Y-Z stage (optional)
• INV system with Video filar level 1, 2, or 3 (optional)
• INV system with auto focus and auto measuring level 4 (optional)
• Fully automatic 4 position turret for Micro Vickers / Macro Vickers, Brinell or Knoop measurements
• Featuring 3 objectives at choice, all 3 objectives can be used for measuring and observation. Optional 2nd indenter position
• Vickers 136º
• Knoop 172.5º x 130º
• Brinell 1 & 2.5mm
• Electronic eyepiece microscope with precision encoder providing 15x magnification
• 5x for 75x magnification
• 10x for 150x magnification
• 20x for 300x magnification
• 40x for 600x magnification

EW-4300  Vickers/Knoop 
1Kgf - 30Kgf
EW-4301  Brinell 
1Kgf - 31.25Kgf
EW-4302  Macro Vickers/Knoop 
300gf - 30Kgf
EW-4303  Micro/Macro Vickers/Knoop 
20gf - 30Kgf
EW-4304  Micro/Macro Vickers/Knoop/Brinell 
20gf - 31.25Kgf
EW-4500  Vickers/Knoop 
1Kgf - 50Kgf
EW-4501  Brinell 
1Kgf - 62.5Kgf
EW-4502  Macro Vickers/Knoop 
300gf - 50Kgf
EW-4503  Micro/Macro Vickers/Knoop 
100gf - 50Kgf
EW-4504 Micro/Macro Vickers/Knoop/Brinell  100gf - 62.5Kgf


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