The Sylvac patented inductive measuring system is insensitive to magnetic fields and liquids on the sensor or on the measuring scale. A very low consumption system keeps the zero setting even when switched “off”. This system is particularly well adapted for measuring instruments such as calipers, indicators etc…
The Sylvac patented capacitive measuring system is used for the linear probe type of instruments where the sensor is integrated in the probe. As opposed to inductive half bridge and LVDT probes, the capacitive Sylvac system can be used over a large measuring range (up to 50mm) while preserving an excellent linearity (1µm/25mm) and repeatability (0.2µm).
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Panme Sylvac S_Mike Pro IP67

Mã SP: 8030306
Giá: 8,300,000 vnđ

Hi Gage_One

Mã SP: 840.0400
Giá: 00 vnđ

Mini digital indicators S_Dial S233

Mã SP: 905.4140
Giá: 00 vnđ

Professinal Micrometer IP67

Mã SP: 903.0300
Giá: 00 vnđ

Workshop Caliper

Mã SP: 910.0502
Giá: 00 vnđ

Measuring Probes

Mã SP: 900.1001
Giá: 00 vnđ

Height gauge Hi_Cal

Mã SP: 830.0150
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Digital indicators S_Dial Work

Mã SP: 805.5301
Giá: 00 vnđ

The Micron Caliper

Mã SP: 910.9502
Giá: 00 vnđ

Professionnal Caliper

Mã SP: 910.1502
Giá: 00 vnđ

Measuring Stands

Mã SP: 908.1201
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Digital test indicators S_Dial 234

Mã SP: 905.4321
Giá: 00 vnđ

Digital indicators S_Dial one

Mã SP: 905.0121
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