Long recognised as the world’s leading Bore Gauge manufacturer, Bowers Metrology continues to lead the field within the area of internal measurement.
In response to customer demand and as a result of the company’s continued investment in cutting-edge technology, we now produce an increasingly comprehensive range of affordable, quality instruments intended for other applications, such as depth and external gauging. A past recipient of the coveted Queens Award for Export, we currently export 82% of our output.
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Brinell Hardness tester

Mã SP: HB120
Giá: 00 vnđ

Coating thickness gauge IPX-206FN

Mã SP: IPX-206FN
Giá: 17,600,000 vnđ

Coating thickness gauge IPX-201F

Mã SP: IPX-201F
Giá: 10,800,000 vnđ

Ultrasonic thickness guage IPX-251S

Mã SP: IPX-251S
Giá: 18,200,000 vnđ

Vickers Hardness test

Mã SP: EW-410AAT
Giá: 00 vnđ

Máy đo độ cứng cầm tay IPX-300

Mã SP: IPX-300
Giá: 00 vnđ

Coating thickness gauge IPX-205FN

Mã SP: IPX-205FN
Giá: 18,600,000 vnđ

Ultrasonic thickness guage IPX-250LC

Mã SP: IPX-250LC
Giá: 6,320,000 vnđ

Ultrasonic thickness guage IPX-250H

Mã SP: IPX-250H
Giá: 21,900,000 vnđ

Rockwell hardness tester (automatic)

Mã SP: EW-655
Giá: 00 vnđ

Rockwell Hardness tester

Mã SP: CV-600A
Giá: 00 vnđ

Coating thickness gauge IPX-201FN

Mã SP: IPX-201FN
Giá: 11,700,000 vnđ

Ultrasonic thickness guage IPX-250LCX

Giá: 7,450,000 vnđ

Rockwell Bench hardness tester

Mã SP: CV-600A
Giá: 00 vnđ
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