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Carbide Grit Edged Bandsaw Blades

Carbide Grit Edged Bandsaw Blades

When toothed bandsaw blades cannot cope with hard and abrasive materials such as glass, tyres or graphite, the Roentgen Grit range will successfully resolve the problem.

Roentgen Grit Edged Band Saw Blades are generally used to cut materials which will not form a chip. Multi-edge tungsten carbide grains are brazed to continuous, gulleted (u-notched) flexible steel backing. The sawing process is based on abrasive cutting which requires relatively high band speeds and benefits from the flexible fatigue strength of the backing strip.

The faceted carbide granules are very sharp and wear resistant and the band can be reversed to apply an aggregate limit for the cutting faces.

Roentgen Grit

Blade widths to suit most popular sawing machines are available in a choice of different grit sizes to achieve the required cutting rate and finish.


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